The Importance of SCIF Rooms in the Military

The Importance of SCIF Rooms in the Military

What is a Military SCIF?

A Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility, or SCIF, is a word used in the defense industry to describe a secured room.

SCIFs are used for discussing or briefing others on sensitive information. They are built to be secure from any interference, to avoid spying or surveillance from outside sources.

SCIF Building Requirements

SCIF structures can be either permanent or temporary, depending on the given situation, location, and need. Regardless of permanence, SCIFs are under strict building regulations, as laid out by the Office of the Director of National Intelligence.

SCIF building requirements include specs for specific building materials, window and door placements, electrical systems, locks, and more. They also include areas such as the type and number of personnel that should be present in and around the SCIF.

All SCIF building requirements are driven by the goal to maximize security. This means using construction methods and materials that reduce sound transmission and block the transfer of electronic data and other sensitive information.

The Importance of SCIF Rooms in the Military

SCIF rooms are frequently required for military use both at home and abroad.

SCIF rooms provide secure locations for the discussion of military strategy and other information without the risk of outside interference. If used during deployment, military SCIF rooms must also be easily deployable and portable.

Military SCIF rooms are also often used for multiple purposes in order to maximize space at basecamp, such as training or reconnaissance.

SCIF rooms are crucial to information dissemination, strategizing, and overall mission success.

Examples of Military SCIF Rooms

This SCIF is manufactured from an ISO shipping container, offering increased portability and mobilization while maintaining security measures.

The ARC LT Portable SCIF in a secure U.S. manufacturing facility and comes ready-to-use with secure power and communication pre-wired ports.

Armag – A.R.C. Vault

The A.R.C. Vault (Armored, Rapid-deployment, Compartmented Vault) is a custom manufactured, modular SCIF providing a significant level of TEMPEST, ballistic, and forced entry protection. The A.R.C. Vault is designed for rapid deployment, offering turn key, plug-and-play, and rapid integration.

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