Neutralizing threats and providing aid to individuals in need requires robust communications technology, yet crisis situations often strain networks. When networks reach their limits, vital intelligence can be misinterpreted or lost.

Robust platforms deliver guaranteed, clear communications in a user-friendly, durable package.

Making sense of all the available information and paring it down into meaningful analyses is no small task, but more tools are automating once tedious processes.

Operators attach cameras to ISR assets, leveraging biometric and facial recognition tools to automatically detect human features, compare them with a database of known individuals, and alert analysts on the fly.


Today's warfighters and frontline personnel must leverage best in class Command and Control technologies to execute mission assignments based on a range of real-time disparate data. The dissemination and presentation of this information is mission critical.

Having the right tools – from software to hardware – is essential to push and pull data across the communication infrastructure, allowing for timely and precise decisions. Enhanced situational awareness will keep you a step ahead in today's fast-paced and fluid OPTEMPO environments with ADS' C2 solutions.


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