Relocatable Shelters That Withstand the Military’s Worst

Relocatable Shelters That Withstand the Military’s Worst

Base camp and expeditionary shelter solutions are at the core of any successful mission. Depending on the scale of the camp, number of personnel deployed, or location--there are a variety of military shelters available built to provide complete coverage.

A bad, under-equipped shelter or base camp set up can have lasting effects on operations and morale. Great shelters must be durable, yet relocatable. Straightforward, yet multi-purposed. High-quality, yet easily constructed and rapidly deployed. And importantly, they must meet the electrical and physical necessities of the mission.

What Are Military Shelters Used For?

With a great structure as its base, relocatable shelters can be transformed into a number of configurations, including:

  • Berthing/Living Facilities
  • Medical Facilities – including full turnkey hospitals
  • Kitchen or Dining Facilities
  • Laboratories, Offices, Training Centers
  • Data Control or Command Centers
  • Hygiene Centers (Latrine, Shower, Laundry)


Sometimes, a good shelter in the field means the difference between a good night’s sleep and a serious medical condition. When based in areas with extreme weather patterns or temperatures, it's crucial to have a relocatable shelter that can withstand the worst.

ADS Inc. understands the importance of shelters that will last and provides products that meet the needs of any mission or area of operation, anywhere in the world.

The following are some key relocatable shelter products built to provide full coverage in even the most extreme of conditions.

    • HDT’s radar dome is a weatherproof enclosure built specifically to protect electronics while on-base (i.e. microwave or radar antennas). The RaDome also protects nearby personnel from being accidentally struck by quickly rotating antennas. The enhanced protection prevents any irregularities due to weather, wind, and debris.
  • BERG – 5-IN-1 TRICON
    • This versatile, rugged shelter system stores and transports in small sizes, and expands to five times its size upon construction. One of the most durable structures on the market, the TRICON can be deployed anywhere--even among uneven terrain. Its steel exterior, rhino lining, and high-performance woven fabrics are designed to withstand the harshest climates.
    • This structure from Berg is energy-efficient, lightweight, and rapidly deployable--with a setup time of only 30 minutes among 2 personnel. The versatile, durable structure can be configured for use in any capacity, from command and control to hygiene. The fully insulated structure can be integrated with on-site electrical, plumbing, communication, security, and climate control features.
    • This large dome-shaped shelter is deceptively easy to set up and take down--requiring no tools, ladders, or mechanical assistance. The low-weight structure maintains a durable exterior and makes for incredible strength and protection against the elements.
    • This shelter can be used for:
      • Division and Corps level Command and Control (C2)
      • Tactical Operations Center (TOC)
      • Maintenance.