Quick Tube: Revolutionary Chest Tubes Hit Markets

Quick Tube: Revolutionary Chest Tubes Hit Markets

As of April 8th, 2021, Quick Tube Medical has begun delivering its one-of-a-kind, FDA-registered standardized chest tube systems to those who need it most.

Quick Tube’s rapid deployment system device was originally created by the organization’s co-founder, Dr. Allen Smith of Knoxville, Tennessee. The company’s unique medical device can be deployed safely in seconds, offering a record-setting insertion-to-completion process of 30-45 seconds.

Quick Tube Chest Tube Device


More than 1 million chest tubes are annually placed in the United States, and more than 4 million are placed worldwide. In general terms, a “chest tube” is also known as a chest drain, thoracic catheter, tube thoracotomy, or intercostal drain. This flexible plastic tube is inserted through the chest wall and into the pleural spaces to remove air, fluid, or pus.

Chest tubes are used in a variety of environments, so the product needs to be navigable and manageable in fluid settings. For example, trauma centers and general surgery centers use chest tubes as part of their medical supplies available in a standard hospital setting.

Chest tubes are also crucial for first responders and military services teams, often needing to be deployed in less than desirable field environments when time is of the essence. Quick Tube’s team recently provided a hands-on demo for medical personnel at one of the United States Army’s largest military installations.

military emergency response

"Bringing Quick Tube Medical’s chest tube to the medical marketplace is the highlight of my healthcare career. Emergency placement of chest tube devices currently available in the marketplace typically take up to 8 minutes to place effectively, an amount of time often resulting in compromised brain function and loss of life. For us, developing a device that can be completely inserted in 30-45 seconds truly will save lives and quality of life for recipients."

- Quick Tube Medical co-founder Ryan Luttrell


The leaders at Quick Tube knew that standard chest tubes had many limitations--causing patient discomfort, delayed deployment, increased medical costs, and even high risk for compromised brain function and loss of life.

Quick Tube is designed to address these limitations by improving heart tube procedure efficiency and reducing the need for additional medical tools during operation.

In addition to its revolutionary insertion-to-completion timeframe, Quick Tube offers a host of advantages that differentiate it against competitors, including:

  • Improves physician efficiency during trauma intervention, respiratory deterioration, and code blue situations.
  • Engineered to stabilize the center-space between the skin and the internal tube placement.
  • Hypoallergenic Body Stabilization Shield strong, yet pliable for patient movement and repositioning.
  • Insertion Rod is disposable, one use product.
  • Expedites care during an unforeseen pulmonary event.
  • Grip stabilizers designed for comfort, control, and ease of insertion.
  • Inflatable Balloon Lock designed to internally position and hold the chest tube in place.

All of these features allow for uninterrupted oxygen saturation, a vital component for appropriate patient care.


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About Quick Tube Medical

With an unprecedented commitment to serving our medics and physicians, Quick Tube Medical designs and creates lifesaving technology to serve the first responder community. The US-based, privately held company is headquartered in Fletcher, North Carolina, and all products are FDA-registered. For more information, visit http://www.quicktubemedical.com

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