Polytronic: Target Robot Military Solutions

Polytronic: Target Robot Military Solutions

When simulating military training, realism is critical. Modern warfighters must train through learned methodology, and use of simulated scenarios or in this case, simulated unpredictive personnel which would allow for exposure to the elements of combat--including those that could change on a constant basis.

Polytronic International AG offers advanced, robotic target (RT) systems for use in sophisticated live-fire training. Their latest innovation and cutting-edge technology provide an autonomous robotic target that provides the end-user with an interactive training solution.

Robotic Target Solutions From Polytronic

Polytronic’s autonomous/semi-autonomous robotic targets help in the creation of realistic scenario-based training across a variety of environmental applications, including:

  • Live fire training against a moving target within realistic battlefield environments
  • Target discrimination training in instances of shoot versus no-shoot scenarios
  • Stress management and second-by-second decision making in lethal environments

Robot Target (RT) Capabilities

Interactive & Unpredictable

The RT increases realism in training scenarios by having an ability to deploy in both pattern-based and unpredictable movements, set by the instructor.

RT has an option to be programmed to respond when fired at. According to Polytronic, the robotic target can “hide in case of a miss, thus creating an interactive and realistic live-fire training environment.”

The technology can also store and provide information about the lethality of a hit, resulting in actions such as falls or retreat.

Operational Simplicity

Despite sophisticated technology, the RT does not require heavy lifting or specialized personnel to operate effectively.

After minimal training, the end-user is given the tools to safely and properly operate the device through a tablet controller.


The RT can be programmed for a variety of needs, group sizes, and mission goals. Operators can choose to manually control robot movement and paths or set it to autonomous movement for easy deployment.

In addition, multiple target robots can be deployed at once and programmed to work in tandem or as individual targets.

About Polytronic

Founded in Zurich in 1966, Polytronic is driven to innovate and facilitate realistic, efficient and economic live-fire training. Their RT solutions are technically advanced and equipped with the latest technology in mechanics, electronics and software, and are maintainable for decades of constant operation. Fielded in every continent, Polytronic products have proven their toughness and unsurpassed reliability from sub-zero temperatures to dry desert or tropical humid climates.

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