VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (October 14, 2015)Hyperstealth will be providing two types of its US4CES Transitional combat camouflage to the Infanteria de Marina, Naval Infantry of Mexico. The pattern was selected after rigorous objective testing proved the US4CES Transitional camouflage was almost twice as effective as their existing digital pattern and Multicam in three separate environments. The US4CES Transitional pattern has been renamed “Marina Trans Jungle” and will be used to replace all uniforms in the Infanteria de Marina.

The US4CES Transitional pattern originated in 2010 as a result of Guy Cramer/ADS, Inc.'s bid for the U.S. Army’s “Phase IV Camouflage Improvement Effort” designed to replace the existing camouflage pattern. The US4CES Transitional pattern was made available for consideration by other militaries and government agencies in 2014.

“These test results, demonstrate the versatility of this pattern, not just in competition with other patterns, but rather as being effective in its own right. Hyperstealth patterns are in demand because they continue to prove to be very effective, employing scientific doctrine which reduced detection by an adversary. Our patterns also capitalize on the disguising joint movement, tricking the brain into not triggering the ‘threat’ whistle. The results are astounding.”

-Guy Cramer, President & CEO of Hyperstealth Biotechnology

Objective testing in three separate environments, lowland forest, lowland scrub desert and riparian forest, pitted US4CES Transitional pattern against the existing force digital woodland camouflage. Over the course of multiple trials, the final results demonstrate that the US4CES Transitional pattern is significantly more difficult to detect than the existing Mexican Marine camouflage. It took 30 percent longer to detect the US4CES pattern than it did to detect the woodland digital pattern in the same environment whereas in one environment, a large percentage of the viewers could not even detect the target. The Marina Trans Jungle pattern demonstrates a significant improvement in performance over the previously used Mexican Marine pattern with regard to detection time and probability of detection in all tested environments.

“When the Mexican government decided that the US4CES Transitional pattern was the way to go, we knew that we had the resources to outfit the entire force,” said Akos “Ike” Horvath, ADS Operational Clothing and Individual Equipment (OCIE) product & application specialist. “The ADS and HyperStealth team has already demonstrated that we can outfit and design uniforms and hardware for any force in any terrain in any country. Providing this complete camouflage solution to the Mexican government is another way we can demonstrate the type of value we provide to our customers. We deliver complete solutions that really get the job done.” The charts below represent the results of the tests conducted by the Mexican Marina.

About HyperStealth Biotechnology Corp. First established in March 1999, by Guy Cramer, HyperStealth Biotechnology Corp. develops and provides cutting- edge military camouflage based on mathematical fractals, elevating the design process to a scientific level of scientific expertise. Cramer has developed more than 12,000 patterns, all of which are under international copyright. HyperStealth has delivered digital camouflage to more than 10 countries’ militaries, various police forces and organizations including the Kingdom of Jordan, Chile, United Arab Emirates (UAE), India, 3M®, Afghanistan, W.L. Gore & Associates (Gore-Tex®), Canada, Mexico, Afghanistan Civil Police (ANCOP), and the United States. HyperStealth is referenced in the NATO Programme for Security through Science. More than 4,500,000 uniforms and 3000+ military vehicles use HyperStealth® Camouflage patterns.

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