“While in the Navy, I maintained all of the weapon systems for F/A-18Cs. As a civilian, I apply my military experience and knowledge to serve the very community I came from. For me that is the most rewarding aspect of working at ADS, Inc.”

-Eric Case, Inside Sales – Aerospace, Veteran, U.S. Navy

We know effective and efficient procurement for an organization as large and complex as the U.S. military is notoriously difficult.

Keeping the active duty and reserve military of over two million service members supplied is also a challenge.

Add time-constraints, extensive paperwork, and confusing processes into the mix and you have a recipe for disaster at fiscal year-end! No one wants to lose their budget or fail to equip their units.

Whether it’s helping you execute funds in last quarter of FY19 or helping you do market research for future requirements, the ADS Team of subject-matter experts have walked in your shoes, faced similar challenges, and are on standby to help walk you through the process.

ADS is a government contractor whose entire business model was designed around making your job easier. Our roots started more than 20 years ago when we began outfitting Navy SEALs with quality dive equipment in an efficient manner. Our mission continues today as we manage 65+ contract vehicles, 3,000 supplier partnerships, and over 50,000 products.


1. Help you select quality, cost-effective equipment.

2. Guide you through one of our 65+ procurement options.

3. Commit to on-time, on-target delivery.

4. Develop custom kits.


1. Send RFQ to ADS

Request a quote from your ADS Account Manager. They will help you identify the best procurement options for your requirements – GSA, TLS, Open Market, etc.

2. ADS Provides Quote

Our knowledgeable ADS Account Managers can help you select equipment to satisfy your requirements, determine procurement options, as well as verify part numbers, lead times, pricing (including freight), and country of origin.

3. Register for the Program

If you determine that the TLS Program is best for your requirement, register for the corresponding TLS Program with DLA Troop Support.

Instructions for Customer/FOPOC Registration: SOE

4. Submit Your Order

Email your completed order request to DLA Troop Support. They will act as your contracting office.

Contact Info for SOE TLS Orders:

5. You’re All Set!

DLA Troop Support will compete the requirement amongst the participating TLS vendors and provide best pricing for all items requested.

Once approved, DLA Troop Support will contact you and your FOPOC for funding information.

Once that is processed, an award will be made!

About ADS Based in Virginia Beach, ADS links military branches, first responders, law enforcement and government agencies with today’s most technically advanced product solutions. ADS works with innovative suppliers across a range of industries to develop customized solutions that help customers overcome challenges and achieve mission success.