The use of microgrid power systems has the potential to reduce fuel consumption by 25 to 80 percent at Forward Operating Bases (FOBs).

With proper planning and design, the system can reduce overall man hours required to operate in austere environments where the procurement of fuel is dependent on theater logistics. We can provide the full scope of power generation, distribution, and storage needs. Working directly with manufacturers spurs innovation and provides a direct link to the customer, allowing for agile application of design, testing, and redesign.

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Base Camp Power Consumption Study

  • U.S. European Command (EUCOM)

Logistics resupply to FOBs and Combat Outposts is threatened by complex enemy offensive operations, at times cutting off bases for days or weeks at a time. To ensure critical communications and medical equipment remains online, the customer needed to improve fuel consumption and power production efficiency.

Currently, commanders use spot power generation—meaning a generator at every tent—to provide electricity. This method provides consistent power but often results in oversized generators operating inefficiently at less than 50 percent of their rated load.


ADS partnered with Barbaricum to capture a year of data logging on a base camp in the EUCOM area of operations. Working closely with the customer, ADS sourced the current base camp configuration.

As a baseline, the camp designed to serve 800 Soldiers, and includes billeting, hygiene, dining, and MWR facilities. Throughout the year, the camp was subject to multiple testing and evaluation visits by the ADS/Barbaricum team.

Barbaricum is using the data to develop a model for right sizing the power generation components for forward deployed warfighters.

military supplies kit
medical supply kit

INI Power – Trinity™ 2000 Autonomous Lightweight Lithium-Ion Hybrid Kit

Multi-fuel, hybrid power systems allow mobile operators greater flexibility while in theater.

The INI Power Trinity 2000™ Autonomous Lightweight Lithium-Ion Hybrid system provides clean, consistent power for sensitive electronics, while reducing noise and fuel consumption.

This allows the operators to stay on mission longer while reducing fuel load and decreasing reliance on theater logistics.

Includes: 1 x IntelliGEN™ 2kW, Auto Flex-Fuel Generator V3.1, 1 x Autonomous Lightweight Lithium Ion Hybrid (ALLY™) Kit, 2 x Austere Low Profile Lightweight Expeditionary Solar (ALLIES™) 500 Kit, 1 x Extended Run Tank (XRT™) Kit 20 L (5 Gal) (INI-TS-XRT-20L), 1 x Universal Propane Adaptor Kit 20LBS (UPAK™ 20LBS) (INI-TS-UPAK-20LBS)

  • 1.6 kWh 6T Battery (User replaceable)
  • Autonomous Start and Stop (With fuel select capability)
  • Can use multiple fuel types (JP-8/F-24, F-34 “NATO”, gasoline, propane, methanol, isopropanol)
  • ALLY™ Power storage significantly reduces fuel consumption
  • Silent Watch operations (1000W continuous, Surge capacity to 2000W)
  • Up to 1000W of Solar Input
  • Immediate functionality on startup – No waiting
  • Battery charges from: Flex-Fuel Generator, AC Generator or grid/shore power, 28.8V NATO, Portable Solar Panels
  • Web based Remote monitoring capability
  • Ruggedized water resistant enclosure
  • Provides power anywhere, anytime

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