Being fully prepared for a CBRNE mission requires a deep understanding of the full spectrum of threats. Engagement with the best companies in the business is just as important to our team as the constant assessment of novel technologies and improved, integrative approaches.

Our SMEs understand the continuum of detection, identification, neutralization and decontamination capabilities. We have access to the most advanced analytical identification tools. We engage with our customers and partner suppliers to ensure that innovation never stops and make every effort to create solutions that improve the safety of the operator. We maintain partnerships with leading integrators and service providers to respond to unique mission needs and have contract vehicles available to address those needs accordingly.


Detecting CBRNE threats without putting military personnel at unnecessary risk is a common objective in the next-generation warfighting. Detection systems, communication equipment, and protective gear are designed for improved first responder safety.


With a wide range of chemical, biological and radiological threats, it is imperative troops have foundation of personnel protective equipment and a breathing apparatus. ADS has contract vehicles in place to offer rapid acquisition of boots, gloves, suits, and more.


Special Projects Operations SHIELD Hybrid Life-Support Device is a low profile, lightweight, extended duration, hybrid respiratory system. The system is completely modular and can be easily adapted various CBRNE operations. The SHIELD is the first choice with CBRN, HAZMAT, and special mission units across the globe.


Kappler ProVent® locks in biohazard and general hazard protection with the microporous advantage. From basic dirt to paint spray to blood and viral hazards, the ProVent protective apparel range offers a fabric and garment perfectly suited to the job.


ADS has a broad network of suppliers offering a range of tools – everything from PRDs to advanced spectroscopic identification and passive detection networks can be part of our solutions.


The nature and extent of contamination is as unique as the environment it's in, and no single solution is applicable in all situations. ADS' experts can help first responders identify the appropriate combination of decontamination methods needed for a specific environment or threat.

Learn more about state of the art equipment from M2DCON including the CBR Multi-Purpose Wipes for immediate and operational decontamination and Decon PLUS 3-part system for complete decontamination.



/// Special Projects Operations

Special Projects Operations, Inc. (SPO) is a global leader in design innovation and manufacturing of modular combination unit respirator systems, breathing air compressor and storage systems, and thermal breaching systems.

  • SPO AirJam: Developed to support sustained breathing air refill operations, the AirJam system provides the capability of refilling air systems using the combination of a breathing air compressor, air storage cylinders, and refill controls built into one easy to use platform. The system can be used to run pneumatic tools, lift bags, and other air related systems. The AirJam is built with user friendly control panels for monitoring system functions. The AirJam provides enhanced mission support capabilities to include:
  • SHIELD CM80H: Developed to improve on decades of proven hybrid SCBA technology from the SHIELD™ line of combination unit respirators. The SHIELD™ CM80H has been engineered to reduce size, weight, maintenance, and improved deconability from the previous generations of SHIELD™ combination unit respirators.
/// Field Forensics

Field Forensics provides detection and personal protection solutions for military, homeland security and law enforcement.

  • BioScreener™: Screening Kit for Bio-Weapons Agents. Finally, first responders have a quick and easy way to determine whether a suspicious powder is a likely bio-weapons agent, or not. Individual disposable presumptive tests that identify potential threat-agents such as suspicious powders – within 30 seconds, identify whether a substance is a probable bioweapons agent or an innocuous powder. Collect the sample by simply dabbing the sample tip on the suspect material; analyze the sample by cracking the built-in ampoules and watching for the specified color change. BioScreenerTM can eliminate the threat posed by a suspicious powder. Instead of shutting down an area for hours or days pending results of an analysis, first responders can identify a suspicious powder as a non bio-agent in seconds.
  • ELITE™: The EL300EXO is the latest generation in the ELITE™ product line – used by special forces, homeland security, and commercial security worldwide. The EL300EXO is completely self-contained, fits in a shirt pocket, does not require and external reader, and yet tests for a broad range of explosives – nitro-aromatics, nitro-aliphatics, chlorates, nitrates and peroxides. EL300EXO is available alone or as part of a field kit for additional analyses including narcotics and chemical weapons agents.
  • HandyRam II™: HR2 is a compact, ruggedized Raman spectrometer that is incredibly powerful with the ability to analyze thousands of explosives, narcotics and toxic chemicals in seconds. Laser power is adjustable and use programmable acquisition delay when measuring energetic materials. HR2 features a durable and waterproof construction yet can also be connected to a PC for detailed spectral analysis, library and record management.



ADS is a prime on over 65 contracts and has the power to move your requirement forward. Through thousands of long-standing supplier relationships, we quickly find and deliver the equipment you need to do your job—safely. ADS is prepared to quote and source products to the best of our ability and/or find an alternative solution for your mission.