BeaverFit products provide our deployed service men and women an opportunity to enhance their physical training capabilities while in theater. This is HUGE. Unpredictable schedules, inadequate training equipment, and a high operational temp all make staying physically sharp a challenge.

BeaverFit recognized this problem and created a full custom container that is easy to ship, deploy, setup, tear down, and more importantly, use! As Human Performance requirements are growing more stringent, it's crucial our service men and women are equipped with superior equipment in the roughest of environments. Your body is your greatest weapon! visited the BeaverFit booth at Warrior Expo East this year to learn more about the ‘men' behind the mission. Learn more in their recap below.

Tom Beaver, the guy behind BeaverFit is a man with extensive metal and welding experience and a love for physical fitness. He is no stranger to endurance training, having completed triathlons and footraces around the globe. Combining these two passions and his family history of engineering, BeaverFit was born in 2010. Teaming with United States Operation Iraqi Freedom Veteran in 2014, they created a joint British and American company.

With the European headquarters located in the United Kingdom and their North American headquarters based in Nevada, BeaverFit is able to deliver cutting-edge training equipment throughout the world. Having already fulfilled orders to various militaries, academies, and professional gyms, proving the quality of their fabrication consecutively.

At first glance, you would see that BeaverFit is an expert at creating bold structures, deployed for various physical fitness needs. They provide professional rigs and ready to go boxes to suit a myriad of requirements. They also offer the option to personalize your own build, depending on your specified fortitudes. But BeaverFit has even taken it a step further than that, creating a way to implement dynamic shooting and breeching tactics into it all.

With stress shoots being a vital part of training, focusing on reaching a high heart rate is a great way to replicate your bodies initial reaction to a real-world situation. Inducing a form of hypoxia, through muscle exertion, presents a safe and effective way to obtain such goals. Stress shoots can be as simple as a few push-ups prior to a static shoot, or as intense as an extreme obstacle course built into a shooting environment. BeaverFit is providing just that, and to your specifications on order.

With creating multiple scenarios and shooting lanes, they are able to afford exceptional training curriculums and advanced experiences. Adding structures on top of other structures, along with creating some unique training environments, BeaverFit continues their innovative signature. They also afford Special Operations Equipment tailored for Close Quarters Battle (CQB), Breaching, Climbing, and mock Air Delivery options. Fully outfitted and secure range boxes holding tragetry and other various range equipment as well. Essentially a “one-stop-shop” for creating your dream range.

spotter up logoArticle Originally Published on by Brad Shepherd

Mr. Shepherd has completed multiple overseas deployments starting with the 2nd Battalion, 75th Ranger Regiment in 2002. In 2005 he became a foreign relations consultant for the U.S. Government’s major organizations until 2012. Completing a decade’s worth of deployments, Mr. Shepherd came home fulfilling the position as an Executive Protection Agent for the Microsoft Corporation. In recent years he has become owner and operator of UpTop Imaging, a reputable drone and video production company, an established entity of Shepp Enterprises LLC.